‘The Mandalorian’ creator says they already know how the story will end

The Mandalorian

There’s no reason to think that The Mandalorian can’t do what it’s been doing so far for another ten seasons, but according to Jon Favreau, he and Dave Filoni already know how the story of Din Djarin will conclude in relation to all the other stories that the creative duo is spinning into existence as part of the MandoVerse.

Speaking to Collider after the show’s panel at Star Wars Celebration 2022, the creator explained how the sequel trilogy will impact the show’s ending on the galactic scale of things and revealed that Lucasfilm has outlined a plan for how all of these stories will eventually come together.

I think Dave and I talked about this a lot,” he said. “And, it’s interesting how things evolve and change in small ways, but we all know where everything’s going to end because of when the time period ends. We know that the First Order is going to appear. So, there are things on the horizon that we know, but that’s 25 years in the future. Within that, we also know storylines that are going to unfold within the characters that we’re either inheriting or developing. So, I would say that there is a lot of preparation done in broad strokes with how to do these storylines that we’ve established culminate, but we’re doing that within the confines and parameters of what’s pre-existing in canon.

When the beskar-clad bounty hunter started his journey in late 2019, the Star Wars fandom had no sense of what shape this new foray into the world of television would ultimately take. Now, with the development of Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Book of Boba Fett, and upcoming projects like Ahsoka, Andor, and Skeleton Crew, it looks as though Lucasfilm is increasingly looking towards the streaming medium to define the galaxy far, far away and its future.

As for The Mandalorian itself, the show’s third season will arrive on Disney Plus in February 2023.

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