‘The Nun’ star wants to return for a sequel

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The Conjuring universe is chock-full of films that focus on supernatural horror — and The Nun currently stands as the franchise’s most successful entry to date. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, star Taissa Farmiga explained how the COVID-19 pandemic has overall delayed the process for a potential sequel, though she would certainly reprise her role as Sister Irene if given the chance.

There have definitely been whisperings and talks in the last year, but the pandemic has obviously affected everything including filming and such. So I heard mentions of it back in the fall, maybe, and there were talks of potentially trying to see what my availability was. But I also haven’t seen a script. So I haven’t heard anything definitive or anyone say, “Hey, this is going.” So I don’t know, but I would love to go back and visit Sister Irene. It’s been years.

Corin Hardy’s The Nun serves as a spinoff to The Conjuring 2 and is the highest-grossing film in the entire series, grossing an impressive $365 million against a $22 million budget. The aforementioned horror movie focuses on the origin story of the demon Valek in 1952 Romania. Farmiga portrays Sister Irene who, after The Vatican learns that a nun has recently committed suicide, travels to Romania to investigate what happened.

While The Nun proved to be a massive box-office success, the overall reviews were less than favorable. Still, films within The Conjuring universe have obtained a strong following over the years, and a possible sequel has the potential to address several unanswered questions from the first film.

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