‘The Wheel of Time’ season 2 has apparently wrapped filming

the wheel of time

The Wheel of Time crew began shooting the second season as early as the premiere of the first batch of episodes late last year. Now, after months of filming, Rafe Judkins and co. are ready to announce a wrap and enter post-production.

The news arrives courtesy of Davina Lamont, a makeup and prosthetics artist on the show, who announced the wrap via her Instagram page.

As you can see for yourself above, the second season of The Wheel of Time has taken 156 days to shoot, with more than 56 makeup artists working to bring Robert Jordan’s ambitious fantasy world to life. Slovenia, Crotia, and Czech Republic have served as filming locations besides Amazon’s own studios, implying that we’ll be visiting many more locations throughout the Westlands in season 2.

Based on what showrunner Rafe Judkins has previously revealed, this forthcoming outing will adapt The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn, books two and three from The Wheel of Time. Rand will be following his storyline from The Dragon Reborn, ending with the reclamation of Callandor, while Egwene and Nynaeve, joined by Elayne Trakand, will embark on the Falme questline.

The producers have also confirmed Aviendha is joining the ensemble in season 2, though it’s still unclear if she’ll be joining the Aes Sedai or follow Rhuarc of the Taardad Aiel as he and a band of other Aiel warriors intercept Rand in Tear.

Packing two lengthy novels in an 8-episode season of television is a massive undertaking for the even the best of writers, so it’ll be interesting to see how Rafe’s team has fared in that regard when The Wheel of Time returns for another run in 2023 on Amazon Prime.