‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ reportedly in major trouble, Jaskier to take a lead role

the witcher jaskier

When in doubt, always count on the greatest bard the Continent has ever seen to get you out of trouble. Based on a new report, The Witcher: Blood Origin is being cut down to four episodes instead of the initial six, and the producers want to have more of Jaskier as the narrator in the series.

The news comes courtesy of Redanian Intelligence (per GamesRadar), a reliable outlet dedicated to covering news of Andrzej Sapkowski’s world. According to them, the producers have decided to cut two whole episodes’ worth of footage from the series, which means we’ll now have four episodes to look forward to in the prequel series.

What’s more, there’s going to be more focus on Joey Batey’s Jaskier as the narrator of the story. There aren’t any details besides these rough changes, but the powers that be presumably weren’t satisfied with the raw footage they’d shot of the planned six episodes, hence why they decided to tie more into the main series and play it safe.

As you can imagine, some fans are dismayed, while others don’t really know what to make of this report.

But hey, if Blood Origin is going to be a hot mess, at least we’ll have some consolation in the form of Jaskier. The more Jaskier the better. Toss a coin to your favorite bard.

Announced in 2020 as part of Netflix’s attempt at expanding the popular world of The Witcher saga, Blood Origin is supposed to get into the cataclysmic event known as the Conjunction of the Spheres, more than a millennium before the story of Geralt. That’s when monsters of all shapes and forms entered the world, necessitating the existence of the first generation of monster-hunters called Witchers. The spinoff will not only depict the creation of the first monster-hunters, but also deal with the downfall of Elven civilization as the humans slowly populate the Continent and grow in numbers.

As of yet, the streaming juggernaut hasn’t announced a release date for Blood Origin, other than confirming that it’ll come out sometime in late 2022.