Avengers 5 Theory Says Thor Will Be The Only Original Team Member

Image via Marvel Studios

As MCU fans will know, Thor had a bit of a rough start. While he was always one of the Avengers’ strongest members, he was also the most one-dimensional and least interesting. His first two films have gone down as some of the most lacklustre and uninspired that Marvel has ever produced, and several years ago his future wasn’t looking all that bright.

But that was then and this is now. Today, Thor is one of the funniest, most well-rounded members of the Avengers. Over the course of just a few pics, the God of Thunder has managed to eclipse virtually every single one of his colleagues in terms of popularity, and chances for future movies are looking brighter than they ever have before.

Why would Thor be the only original Avenger to pop up in future team-up flicks, though? Well, the financial and critical success of Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok aside, he’s been slated to return for Love and Thunder, too. This feat is special enough on its own, as it makes him the only original, living Avenger to receive a standalone Phase 4 movie in the current timeline.

But there are other reasons as well. Avengers: Endgame ended the individual story arcs of virtually every original team member. Black Widow sacrificed herself to retrieve an Infinity Stone, Hawkeye returned to his family in the countryside, Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save the universe and Captain America traveled back in time to return the Stones to their rightful place.

Of all the original Avengers, only Thor and Hulk were not given a definitive ending. And given how Bruce Banner – now known around the internet as Smart Hulk – already appeared to have mastered his personal demons off-screen at the start of last year’s blockbuster – that leaves Thor as the only Avenger with unfulfilled narrative potential.

As ScreenRant explains:

Thor can easily have a future beyond Thor: Love and Thunder even if characters like Jane Foster and Beta Ray Bill can replace him, as the audience wants to see more of him now that he changed for the better, and there are still many stories that can be explored as he isn’t human, meaning he can live longer than other characters.


And as for him appearing in Avengers 5? Well, here’s why ScreenRant believes it makes sense:

With five out of the six original Avengers either dead, retired, or involved in behind-the-scenes conflicts, the team in a potential Avengers 5 would have to be formed by characters that have already been introduced in the Infinity Saga, such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, etc, along with some from phase 4. Though most of these are characters that the audience is already familiar with, the new Avengers team could benefit from having the only remaining original Avenger. By having Thor, they would not only have a sort of mentor or leader, but it would give the audience a sense of familiarity and a touch of nostalgia as he’s a link to the team that started it all. Plus, the team could use his sense of humor.

All good points, to be sure. But tell us, do you think Thor still has a bright future in the MCU? Or is he on his way out now that Jane is returning? Sound off down below with your thoughts.