‘Top Gun: Maverick’ put actual jet fuel into Miles Teller

miles teller top gun maverick
Image via Paramount Pictures

Actor Miles Teller and his mustache are a memorable element of the now-playing Top Gun: Maverick, and the actor has just revealed he carried actual fuel for the movie’s key aircraft home with him at the end of some days of shooting.

“We landed, and I thought, ‘man, I’m not feeling too good.’ I was really hot and I just started itching like crazy. So I got out of the jet. I’m just covered in hives. Head to toe. I go to a doctor. I do a blood analysis. I’m in an oatmeal bath that night. I have sensitive skin anyway, truth be told, Irish-Scottish skin. No dyes, no nothing. I go to set the next day and Tom [Cruise] is like, ‘how did it go Miles? What did they find?’ I was like, ‘well, Tom, it turns out I have jet fuel in my blood.’ Without even skipping a beat Tom goes ‘yeah, I was born with it kid.’ So that was a very Tom moment for me.”

Teller talked about the incident during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers yesterday. While there to promote his Spiderhead movie on Netflix, Teller also said he bets he could actually fly a plane now, but only if he was by himself.

“If it’s by myself and I had to, I’ll bet on it. But if it was my wife or my dog or my mom, I don’t want that responsibility.”

We give Top Gun: Maverick five stars in our review and say the work is something which will save cinema.

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