Ultra Music Festival Thanks UMF TV Viewers With Recap Video


It’s only been a matter of days since Ultra Music Festival came to a close, but it’s not too soon to reminisce. As a thank you to viewers of its UMF TV live stream, the festival organizers have uploaded a recap video to its YouTube channel that transports you back to when the festival was still going on.

A montage of crowd, stage and overhead shots tell the story of last weekend’s festivities against the backdrop of Conro’s Ultra Miami 2016 Remix of Paris Blohm’s “Something About You.” Artists like Carl Cox, Marshmello, deadmau5, Martin Garrix and Hardwell make brief cameos before the words “THANK YOU, MIAMI” appear front and center.

It bears mention that the UMF TV recap video is not the official aftermovie of the Miami massive. Those usually arrive later in the year, so check back often for more updates from Ultra Music Festival‘s camp as the months progress.