Viral TikTok Amazon Delivery Driver Fired

On October 24, TikTok user PatrickHook01 posted a video of a woman in a black dress with no shoes on getting out the back of an Amazon van. After the video went viral with 11.6 million views, the driver, Tywan George, was fired.

Amazon spoke with TMZ and gave them a statement, and their response only shifted the spotlight and blame off of them, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our Delivery Service Partners and their Drivers.”

According to George, the woman who left the back of his van was his partner, and that he was just doing what any man would do. In an interview with TMZ, he gave the following quote: “I honestly felt like losing my job was the most that they could do to me. There were no packages missing, nothing was reported stolen, it was just the incident went viral.”

George went on to say that he knew the possibility of losing his job was there because of how “strict” Amazon is. However, his rebuttal was, “That was one time. A one-time incident. Honestly, though, I did what any other man in America would do. It is what it is.”

While George no longer has his job at Amazon, it seems he’s not too hurt over losing it and doesn’t regret his actions. Hopefully, he and his partner are still together at least.