Watch: cryptic horror terrifies in teaser trailer for A24’s new movie ‘Men’


After a recent teaser poster caught fans’ attention, A24 has released an official teaser trailer for its upcoming psychological film, Men.

From the unique mind of Alex Garland, director of Annihilation, comes the bizarre story of a woman caught in a nightmarish journey in the English countryside in an attempt to grief the recent passing of her ex-husband. Men stars Jessie Buckley, who recently received an Academy Award nomination for her staggering performance in The Lost Daughter.

In the eerie 92-second clip, Buckley’s character explores a seemingly-abandoned tunnel while trekking through muddy waters. The teaser trailer then undergoes a sequence of individual scenes, with Buckley’s character notably more terrified than before. In several scenes, she encounters a strange man that appears to be following her. While it has yet to be confirmed, many fans are speculating that the male figure could in fact be the deceased ex-husband of Buckley’s character.

An official synopsis on the cryptic thriller has yet to be released, though fans can expect a whirlwind of terror and mystery surrounding the upcoming project from Garland. The 51-year-old filmmaker has a divine knack for gothic horror and bizarre twists as defining elements in his films. This is the director’s second collaboration with A24, after having teamed up for Ex-Machina, a sci-fi horror that explores psychological bounds and feigned intelligence.

Joining in the cast alongside Jessie Buckley are Rory Kinnear, widely known for his role as Bill Tanner in Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time to Die, as well as Paapa Essiedu from I May Destroy You.

Men is scheduled for release in theaters on May 20, 2022.

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