Watch: Foo Fighters’ horror-comedy ‘Studio 666’ gets first official trailer


Dave Grohl is possessed in the newest trailer for the Foo Fighters-starring horror-comedy film Studio 666.

The trailer is our most in-depth look yet at what we can expect from the movie, following a sneak peek teaser that dropped last month.

Besides the band members themselves, the film also co-stars comedic actors Will Forte, Jeff Garlin, and Whitney Cummings. The story of the film centers around Foo Fighters coming upon the mysterious Encino mansion which, upon hearing the impressive acoustics of the house, they decide is the perfect place to record their 10th studio album.

However, an ominous vibe seems to hang heavy like a thick fog in the home, as each member of the band experiences a serious case of writer’s block that not even musician and cameo star Lionel Richie can help shake.

Things take a strange turn when more and more entities cross into our world via the home’s apparent ability to facilitate such things. Grohl seems to become possessed by them, which proves to be a boon to his music-writing abilities and an absolute pain in the ass to his bandmates. The Foo Fighter members who survive Grohl’s reign of terror must band together to try and save the lead singer’s soul.

Based on the trailer, we’re guessing the people who might want to check this new movie out would be fans of rock comedy Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, in which Grohl plays Satan, and campy horror classic Evil Dead, of which the Foo Fighters’ “Evermore” music video took clear inspiration.

Studio 666 comes to theaters Feb. 25.