Watch: HBO sizzle reel gives us our first glimpse of ‘The Last of Us’

The much anticipated live-action adaptation of the video game masterpiece that is The Last of Us has finally seen its first look.

Thanks to a sizzle reel from HBO which showcased several projects, the Naughty Dog game which received a myriad of Game of the Year awards now has a peek for the hardcore fans. Shown alongside the likes of Love and Death, House of the Dragon, and Tokyo Vice, it is the undoubted star of the reel.

The trailer promises some near perfect game-to-screen adaptations, with particular highlights being that of Joel’s “you don’t know what it’s like to lose someone”. Pascal looks a dream fit in the role, with it his second major father figure role on television.

Meanwhile, a lot has to be said for the show’s visual style which looks disturbingly dark and mostly unlike the game’s beautifully lit cutscenes. Perhaps it’s just the effect of having it posted on YouTube which changes the fidelity of videos uploaded.

It’s the second Naughty Dog property to get a live-action adaptation, following the Tom Holland-led Uncharted film. It seems as if a new era is being swept in as video games get adaptations sent to television and streaming rather than $200 million blockbusters. Fallout is set to debut in 2023 for Amazon Prime Video, and The Witcher is looking smart as it heads into season two.

The Last of Us hasn’t seen any discussion over a potential adaptation of part two, which is set a good while after part one. The show is expected to debut in early 2023 on HBO Max.