Watch: Inside the blood-thirsty story of ‘First Kill’


Netflix is giving fans the vampire treatment meets a Romeo & Juliet style romance in an upcoming series, First Kill.

First Kill sees a budding forbidden romance between a monster hunter and a vampire as they bare the weight of becoming who they’re destined to be, embracing who they are, and falling in love with the one person they were born to loathe completely.

Netflix released the following synopsis for the series:

“You never forget your first. Teenage vampire Juliette sets her sights on a new girl in town Calliope for her first kill. But much to Juliette’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter. Both find that the other won’t be so easy to kill and, unfortunately, way too easy to fall for…”

The first look at First Kill tells more about both Juliette and Calliope and the depths in which their love affair can wreak havoc on their families. It’s more than just a teen romance on the line — it’s about family loyalty, duty, humanity, and respect. Juliette and Calliope must take varying degrees of risks to be together — will it all be worth it?

Juliette and Calliope will undeniably set the stage for the next generation of forbidden romance mixed with other-worldly beings. A generation of vampire enthusiasts grew up and can pinpoint their adoration to one film or television show. First Kill has the necessary ingredients to become that series for a new group of pop culture lovers.

First Kill hits Netflix on June 10 — and will get a bit of a tease during Geeked Week on June 6. You won’t want to miss this blood-thirsty series.