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Watch: Jordan Peele offers an inside look at ‘Nope’ in new featurette

Check out this exclusive short video of 'Nope' before it hits theaters.

For months now, horror fans have been anticipating what the plot of Jordan Peele’s newest sci-fi horror project, Nope, is about. Now, with just a little over a month left until Nope hits theaters, the superlative director is offering a closer look at the ominous movie — which Peele has labeled as a “cinematic event” to behold — in a new behind-the-scenes featurette. You can check out the clip above.

In the 126-second clip, Peele provides a gripping narrative as short sequences from the action-packed movie are showcased — along with eye-popping visuals and unfathomable stunts performed by star Daniel Kaluuya. The aforementioned short video also includes exclusive footage of the production crew for the film on separate sets as many of the movie’s stars battle the desert-like environment.

Joining Kaluuya in the cast are Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Keith David, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, Barbie Ferreira, Donna Mills, Terry Notary, and Jennifer Lefleur — with all of the cast serving as characters in the film who belong to a small town that is seemingly swarmed by UFOs. The official synopsis is as follows:

Caretakers at a California horse ranch encounter a mysterious force that affects human and animal behavior.

While fans have already widely speculated what the movie is actually about, Peele himself has teased that an “otherworldly confrontation” will be front and center in the upcoming sci-fi extravaganza. The film comes after Peele’s massive hit in Get Out and his follow-up movie Us, which was met with similar acclaim. Check out the bizarre confrontation for yourself when Nope releases on July 22.

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