Watch: ‘Mid-Century’ trailer arrives in time to double-check that your vacation rental’s amenities don’t include ghosts

There are some simple truths in life. Don’t spit into the wind, don’t sweat the small stuff, and, as the new trailer for Astral Plane’s Mid-Century proves, never ever rent a reasonably priced 1950’s era dream home in Los Angeles. That place is DEFINITELY haunted.

Location location location doesn’t stand a chance next to ghosts ghosts ghosts and it looks like that’s just what one unsuspecting couple, played by Shane West and Sara Hay is going up against once they rent what is supposed to be a dream house in the much-coveted mid-century architectural style. But as the opening to the film’s new teaser quickly shows us the place is filled with bad vibes — probably from all the murders.

The couple will cross paths with a trio of bad spirits played by Avatar‘s Stephen Lang, Bruce Dern, and Chelsea Gilligan who are trapped in the house and they have some evil plans in store for the new guests that we can guarantee weren’t part of the place’s AirBnB site.

“Congratulations to director Sonja O’Hara, writer-producer Mike Stern and the entire cast and crew of Mid-Century on wrapping this gem of a movie,” said Lang told Deadline. “Thanks for welcoming me in the front door.”

The film will also feature the acting talents of Mike Stern, Vanessa Williams, Annapurna Sriram, and Jon Park. Astral Plane will produce in association with Moo Studios. Lang and West will also serve as executive producers with Preston Bebas, Jay Burnley, David Lyons, Ian Michaels, Jen Russo, and Jeremy Walton.

Mid-Century will be released in On-Demand format on June 17, 2022.