What is the 'I’m a Potato' Sound? Viral TikTok Audio Explained
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What is the ‘I’m a Potato’ sound? Viral TikTok audio explained

The sound comes from a video a TikToker uploaded of her adorable daughter mistaking a 'potato' for a 'tomato' in 2020.

Image via @meowcelyn/TikTok

TikTok is host to thousands of viral videos, including original songs, sounds, and challenges. Some of these are downright ridiculous, whereas others are genuinely entertaining — a guilty pleasure of sorts. Among these trending sounds, many have bounced in and out of the spotlight, including the “I’m a potato” sound. Here is a brief overview of where the sound came from.

The “I’m a potato” TikTok sound first emerged in 2020 and stems from a since-deleted video uploaded by @KaylaHaynes614, who recorded her daughter using a tomato ‘skin’ — a filter that makes her face look like a tomato. Despite the video being deleted, the audio has been used over 140 thousand times.


#duet with @kaylahaynes614 some people need to stop messing with the original. Kayla’s daughter is adorable.

♬ ShiloPotato – Kayla Haynes
@marshallberry79 via TikTok

Some of the videos featuring the audio are re-uploads of the original to pay tribute to the creator of the sound. For example, TikToker @Marshallberry79 captioned their video: “Some people need to stop messing with the original. Kayla’s daughter is adorable.”

Shortly after the audio originally went viral, creators started to film their pets at rest — resembling a “potato.” For example, TikTok user @HammyandOlivia uploaded a video featuring an adorable corgi on their channel and participated in the trend using the audio.

@hammyandolivia via TikTok

There are many variations of the “I’m a potato” sound roaming TikTok, but Kayla’s upload will always be firmly cemented as the original trend-setter.