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What was Ray Liotta’s last acting role?

Liotta's latest flew under the radar.

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The late actor Ray Liotta, who passed away today at the age of 67, leaves behind a significant body of work, including the classic Goodfellas. But where have we seen Liotta most recently?

Liotta’s last time onscreen, not including projects that will be released posthumously, was an indie film co-starring Game of Thrones Queen Sophie Turner entitled Every Last Secret released just last month. The project was directed by Matthew Coppola (no relation to Francis Ford, Sofia, or Nic Cage).

According to the movie info section of Rotten Tomatoes, Every Last Secret tells the story of Penelope, played by Sophie Turner, “a teenager living in New York City, [who] takes interest in an emotionally volatile war veteran (Mark Kassen) suffering from PTSD. As their bond grows deeper, dark family secrets and a history of violence threaten to tear Penelope’s world apart.” Liotta played Penelope’s overprotective father.

If you haven’t seen it, and chances are you have not, you certainly aren’t alone. The film doesn’t appear to have had a theatrical run, and its distributor, Vertical Entertainment, specializes almost exclusively in video-on-demand releases. Beyond that, the movie has a very low profile online. The film isn’t even listed on director Coppola’s IMDb page, nor does it have a listing on the site itself. The movie doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page although it is listed on Liotta’s Wikipedia filmography page.

Beyond the trailer and its listing on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has practically no footprint. It is available for streaming, however, on iTunes, Prime Video, and VUDU as a rental or for purchase.

Thankfully, it’s far from the last film in Liotta’s legacy. The actor had a memorable role in last year’s Soprano prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, and has three upcoming projects that will be released posthumously, including next year’s Lord & Miller film Cocaine Bear.

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