‘Yellowstone’ season 5 countdown: 4 things Dutton fans need to remember

The Yellowstone cast posed in a field with a pickup
Image via Peacock/Paramount Pictures

Paramount’s number-one series is just four days away from a triumphant television return, and Yellowstone fans have all things Dutton on the brain. From the epic wedding at the end of season four to John Dutton’s change of career, a new way of life is on the horizon at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and it will be an adjustment for everyone. 

As we prepare for new storylines and characters to keep up the exciting momentum, we’re reflecting on the road to getting here. From explosions and near-death attacks to stolen moments of joy and the beauty of a gorgeous sunset, we’ve seen love and hate, life and death, and creation and destruction all at the Dutton ranch. To carry the complex storyline, the characters must be multifaceted, requiring an ultimate talent level from the actors and actresses involved. From Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly to Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham, and that’s just for starters, the caliber of acting in the show is worth doting over.

With less than a week until the two-hour television event, we’re sharing four critical things to remember ahead of the new episodes and a dire warning from showrunner Taylor Sheridan himself. 

A game of chess 

Taylor Sheridan warned fans ahead of season five that we should consider the characters to be pieces of a game board, specifically a chessboard. In chess, pieces must be sacrificed to move the game forward, and it’s a heartbreaking truth. While fans would watch this set of characters tell a story for, well, ever, we can’t expect them all to make it out unscathed. The stakes have never been as high as they are in season five, and the Dutton family has never had so much to lose. As Sheridan put it:

“If you look at everyone as a chess piece in Season 5, it is impossible to keep playing the game without taking chess pieces off the board.”

We hope the pieces being removed this season are Dutton family enemies, but fans should also prepare their hearts to lose characters they love.

Beth has a secret 

One of the highlights of season four was that Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton were finally married. The two began the series playing a game of cat and mouse. It was evident to fans that Rip was all in on Beth; he was just waiting for her to come around. Seeing them finally tie the knot was a sweet moment, but it doesn’t mean that things will suddenly be sunshine and rainbows. 

Beth is still keeping a secret from Rip, and as Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly have teased in the lead-up to new episodes, this season will be about growth and coming together for both of them. Fans believe that Beth will finally tell Rip about the procedure she had done when she was younger and how it will prevent her from having kids for the rest of her life. 

Now, he has shared with her on more than one occasion that he doesn’t need to bring kids into this world to be happy, but it’s evident that Beth thinks she’s keeping Rip from something magical. She’s still heartbroken about the fact that the choice to have kids in the future was taken from her without her knowledge. She’s even more upset that her brother, Jamie, is the one who made that decision for her. 

The other half of Beth’s secret is that the procedure she had so many years ago was an abortion, and that the baby she was carrying was her child with Rip.  

It’s to be expected that the news will change things, but it’s likely not in the way she is expecting. The conversation Rip has with Jamie after finding out will likely be full of vitriol, but he’s always kept space for Beth, allowing her room to feel big feelings and work through challenging emotions. 

We’re not sure how he’ll feel about the fact that they would have been parents as teenagers, but we know he’ll love her through it, and they’ll be able to take the next steps together. 

John Dutton’s bittersweet victory 

John Dutton being sworn in as Montana’s governor will be a big step for the ranch owner and cowboy, but it’ll also change everything for those around him. John knew he needed to take office instead of Jamie, but that doesn’t mean the decision comes without consequences. In fact, his new position paints an even larger target on not just his back and the backs of everyone associated with the Dutton family. 

As the trailer and teaser looks into season five, fans have heard John say that he took the position to keep his family safe. The looks on their faces highlight anything but safety. Everyone feels uncomfortable, worried, and on edge, and it’ll take a while until things begin to settle down.

Of course, this also goes for his relationship with Chief Rainwater and his tribe. The two have come together to bridge the gap between them, but Rainwater will be second-guessing the future when John swears into office. We just hope they can still find that common ground. 

Kayce’s six-word vision

Last but not least, Kayce’s six-word vision has been haunting fans since the end of his vision quest in season four. Kayce needed to feel connected to something bigger than himself, and taking the quest was a way to truly learn who he was as a man, a son, a husband, and a father. 

During his quest, he faced heartbreaking visions and harsh elements around him. It was a trial just to survive, and once he did, he came out with a painful revelation. During his time reflecting inward, he saw “the end of us.”

Who’s the “us” in his vision quest? That has yet to be revealed, but fans are sure that whatever end he foresaw will be heartbreaking. Is it the end of his relationship with Monica? The end of the Dutton rein as we know it? We’ll find out as season five kicks off, but it’s something we’re approaching with caution. 

Yellowstone‘s fifth season kicks off on Nov. 13, and you will not want to miss.