‘Yellowstone’ star Piper Perabo reveals whether she’s team Jamie or team John

Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in Yellowstone
Photo via Paramount Plus

Yellowstone‘s Piper Perabo brings Summer Higgins to Paramount’s number-one cowboy drama, and fans have been divided on who she is and why she has a seat at the Dutton family table. Starting as a woman who didn’t see an ounce of good in our family patriarch, she’s grown to see something good in him now, but it wasn’t an overnight change of opinion.

Perabo’s character went from arguing with John in public during a rally to kissing him at a county fair, and it’s all because both John and Summer were open to understanding another side of one another. Of course, Summer has specific cards in the game we’re seeing unfold, and she recently spoke up about that very idea.

In a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Perabo gives her answer on the most significant debate in Yellowstone: who is the bigger threat to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, John or Jamie? Of course, the answer is definitely related to which “team” she’s on. Everyone knows the battle lines in Yellowstone were drawn seasons ago, and everything that’s happened since is only further creating the divide.

“That’s honestly a team question: Are you Team John or Team Jamie? And as much as I love Wes Bentley and I feel like he really crushed the last episode — I really like Jamie when he’s on fire; The Jamie Dutton Show might be a new show. But, I’m Team John. If John Dutton goes down, I’m worried about Summer. And I’d like to see where the love affair goes.”

Summer is definitely on team John, and it’s evident that Beth is too, but Summer says it will not be a straightforward way of taking Jamie out. Beth didn’t know about the train station before, wasn’t aware of the Dutton family dumping ground, and the fact that Jamie has that in his back pocket can complicate things.

“I feel like Beth got so much information about her father in this last episode, and Beth is such a loose cannon that I’m not sure that it’s so straightforward. That now that she knows, she just joins the execution squad that is the “train station” members? Beth always does things [you won’t expect]. Remember when she kidnapped that priest to marry her and Rip [Cole Hauser]? She’s very casual and never goes in a straight line. So now that she knows what’s up with the “train station,” I’m not sure it’s going to be that straightforward. And I’m hoping Beth stays on John’s side. That’s the tone I got. But she was definitely caught blindsided in those final scenes at the Governor’s mansion, and I’m not really sure what that does to her.”

Beth was blindsided; you could see the hurt on her face, but audiences also noticed her trust and admiration for her father surpass the secrets he’s kept from her. Plus, we know that Beth knows a thing or two about keeping secrets to spare the pain of others. John didn’t want his daughter to know this one thing; it was the thing he kept from her to protect her peace.

Now that she’s been made aware of it, she’s writing a ticket for one Jamie Dutton; many agree it’s his time to ride.