‘Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille touches on the magic of Monica: ‘Her softness is her strength’

Photo via IMDb/Emmerson Miller/Paramount

Kelsey Asbille is sharing insight into the magic and mayhem of the Yellowstone universe ahead of the highly-anticipated fifth season debut on Nov. 13. With an evolving storyline and characters up against their most intense and multifaceted challenges yet, big things are happening in Paramount’s number one series.

Speaking with GMA3′s Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, Asbille said that it’s wild to think about how many people love Yellowstone. Remarkably, 14 million people tuned in for the season five trailer within 24 hours of it being posted online. She said when people in New York started tuning into the series, it hit home for her that something was happening in Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe.

Asbille also said that the cast and crew have a lot of fun, even though that doesn’t always translate to their on-camera work.

“We, you know, we have a lot of fun despite all the drama on screen. But no, it’s such an incredible cast, and it’s really like — I’m constantly taking notes with these people for sure.”

The cast is incredible, Asbille included, and she also gave some insight into her character and why she has been such a resonating force with some people. Many viewers have a love/hate relationship with Monica, but you can’t deny the fact that she brings reflection and insight into the series that is so unique to her as a character and a person.

She notes that the magic of Monica is in something that others might initially perceive as something less than.

“You know what I think? I really admire her I think her softness is her strength. And her compassion. And you know, she’s really a mother first and educator. But I think in this season, especially, she’s realizing that her role in the family is really important, especially in its legacy.”

When she speaks of family, it’s clear that she means Kayce, herself, Tate, and their unborn child; but it’s also a nod to the larger picture. Monica has long been at war within herself regarding where she stands as a Native American woman and the wife of Kayce Dutton. The two sides to her are so fundamentally different but similar somehow. Those competing sides make her one of the most interesting characters, even for fans who don’t consider her a favorite.

She also sent a nod of praise to fans who have followed the series with zest and affection, saying that they make Yellowstone so special. Season five of our favorite cowboy drama kicks off on Nov. 13, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Duttons.