YouTube Play Button Subscriber Levels


YouTube subscriber rewards have been around since 2012 when the Gold Play Button was revealed for creators once they surpassed a million subscribers on their channel. At the time, reaching one million subs was a very rare accomplishment. Since then, however, the bar has been set far higher.

Over the past decade, there have been five subscriber-based creator rewards introduced that can be earned. These begin at 100,000 subscribers and go all the way up to 100,000,000 subscribers, a sub count that very few channels have achieved.

Here is a look at each of these awards.

Every Youtube Play Button Subscriber reward

Silver Play Button

The silver play button is the first creator reward that channels can earn as they grow on YouTube. This plaque is awarded to those that surpass 100,000 followers and is one of the smaller rewards in terms of size. Its appearance is simply a silver frame with a similarly colored play button in the center displayed above the channel details.

Gold Play Button

Channels that surpass one million subscribers will receive a Gold Play Button and while it may look similar to the previous reward, its size is larger and the piece is made out of gold-plated brass to match its theme.

Diamond Play Button

If a creator is able to push past the Gold Play button and curate 10-million subscribers, they’re rewarded with the Diamond Play Button. It was first of the creator rewards to steer away from the plaque design.

This reward is simply a play button forged out of a silver-plated metal inset with a large, colorless crystal. The sharp and rigid design is used to highlight its diamond theme and the reflective crystal in the center is the perfect touch.

Custom Play Button

Since only around 15 channels have reached the milestone of 50 million subscribers, YouTube has rewarded these creators with their own Custom Play Button. Usually, this reward is designed after a logo or well-known feature of the channel or their content and because of this, no two creators have had the same reward.

Red Diamond Play Button

The most impressive of these YouTube rewards is the Red Diamond Play Button which currently only belongs to four channels on the platform for reaching 100 million subscribers. This prestigious reward is sent out in a chest and inside is a play button similar to the Diamond Play Button, but with a red crystal shaped after the play button inset in its center.