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‘Corn Kid’ Tariq loves reading books to his baby sister

It’s been a corn-tastic couple of weeks for little Tariq!

TikTok corn song

Everybody’s favorite corn lover, Tariq, might have spurred a renewed interest in the grain, but the TikTok sensation is now officially on course to bagging a Best Brother Award after a very adorable moment on The Drew Barrymore Show

Aptly tagged the “Corn Kid,” Tariq has become a huge viral hit, and a musical remix of his proclamations of love for corn further cemented his growing fame. The song has taken over social media with many users on TikTok and Instagram using the audio in their videos, further boosting its appeal.

On the show, sat comfortably between Drew Barrymore and Ross Matthews and behind a table decked out in lovely corn accessories, Tariq shared why he believed people loved him so much. It was a question from Matthews that made the crowd swoon in affection over the 7 year old. 

When asked about the other things he loves besides corn, Tariq listed out some fruits and vegetables, before topping up the list with a heartfelt comment about his sister. 

“Well, I also love watermelon, apples, broccoli, soccer, and reading books to my baby sister, Zahava.” 

Cute is definitely an understatement for this charming kid. 

The trio then went on to taste some corn-flavored foods, including dessert corn, corn soda, and baby corn. They also tried some products from Quorn, the healthy foods company of which Barrymore has been appointed “Chief Mom Officer.” 

What started out as a lovely Recess Therapy video has turned the lovable Tariq into an internet darling, from his initial professions of love for the grain (especially with butter), to the catchy remix by The Gregory Brothers. Tariq has graced the red carpet, won lots of gifts from fans, and will continue to enjoy viral fame for the time being, but how precious is it that he enjoys reading to his little sister? Get him a book deal ASAP!

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