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Fans are losing it after DC mashed up Harley Quinn with Superman

Now we just need Henry Cavill in a two-piece getup.

Superman Harley Quinn
Images via Warner Bros

Fans lost their minds after they saw DC mashing up Harley Quinn with their well-known superheroes. And while the images were meant to showcase the capability of their new AR filter, fans agreed that the results look ridiculous, especially for one notable mashup.

It started three days ago on Instagram. DC Comics posted on their page that fans can use the FunkoPop AR lens to put Harley Quinn’s face onto other objects. This was to celebrate 30 years of Harley Quinn‘s conception and the collectible figure company released a limited and exclusive figure for the event.

However, fans on r/DC_Cinematic saw these images, and DC’s mashup of Harley Quinn and Superman has them in tears as the placement was somewhat perfectly aligned. And of course, fans began to make jokes about the funny mashup. One even suggested having Henry Cavill do some cosplay based on the image.

Others question if this photo was intentional or just a mere accident. They also began to wonder if the social media team behind the images were trolling their fans or were just really good at their jobs. Either way, it’s good marketing.

It seems like DC still has a love for the man of steel, despite Warner Bros continuing to steer away from the use of Superman in their films. And while the Harley Quinn cartoon has been successful lately, maybe “Harley Superman Quinn” is what the DCEU needs to have fans excited for the franchise once more. Just as long the character is portrayed by Henry Cavill in a two-piece!

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