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How old is MatPat?

MatPat managed to find success at such a young age.

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From what started as a video game theory YouTube channel, Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, not only found success on the internet, but he also built an online media company that was eventually sold to Lunar X in 2022. Aside from his content creator duties, the YouTuber also produced a horror Broadway show, titled Grey House.

MatPat has accumulated over 17 million subscribers on The Game Theorist alone. Meanwhile, Lunar X announced via press release that his latest channel, Style Theory, managed to reach 1 million within the first few days after its launch. In 2023, he not only held the title of a seven-time Streamy Award winner, but he also hosted the 13th annual event in Beverly Hills, California. For someone who has managed to accumulate so much recognition online, it may be a shock for many that he’s been able to achieve this much at such a young age.

How old is Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat?

Aside from his YouTube career, MatPat is also married and has a son named Oliver. The content creator has also collaborated with other channels and projects. For example, he did voice-over work for various Transformers projects and appeared in a few YouTube Originals like In Space with Markiplier.

The YouTuber revealed in a Draw My Life video that he was born in Ohio and grew up with video games and the performing arts. He began his YouTube career in 2011 and went on to become one of the biggest names on the platform since. As for his age, MatPat shared on Twitter in 2012 that his birthday was on Nov. 16, 1986. As of writing, he is currently 36 years old and will be turning 37 later in the year.

It’s no secret that MatPat has faced controversy in the past, and the YouTuber is no stranger to criticism around his content. For example, he was called out when his fans harassed locals due to his ARG theory. Also, not many agreed with his Five Nights At Freddy‘s timeline. Regardless, he’s still making content to this day, and his work continues to receive recognition.

Fingers crossed that he makes a cameo in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

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