MatPat from Game Theory announces big changes to the Theorist YouTube channels

Matpat Game Theory YouTube
Image via YouTube

It’s been over 11 years since MatPat, aka Game Theory, released his first video on YouTube. Since then, his channel has expanded to more than just video games. This 16 million subscriber YouTuber launched two other main YouTube, a live stream channel, and launched the YouTube merch store, Creator Ink. And now, just before the year comes to an end, this successful YouTube announced a major update that will change his channel, business, and career for the better.

MatPat released a video on his main channel titled “Game Theory: This is Not My Channel.” The content creator returns to his iconic couch and announced that he sold his company, Theorist, to Lunar X, a “digital first” media company based in London. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed to the public.

According to Matpat, this new partnership would help them focus on creating content, whilst the company could assist in the important stuff such as payroll, contracts, and hiring new team members to the channel. Meanwhile, he and his team can focus on creating new content for his viewers.

Prior to the acquisition, the YouTuber revealed to fans that over “80 hours” of his time during the previous month was spent on meetings alone and that all that time could have been used to create better and crazier content. He also revealed that he has never had a “proper vacation” during the past 10 years, and always had to bring his mic whenever he traveled.

He hopes that this new partnership with Lunar X would allow him to have some breathing room, as well begin his other content idea plans such as an ARG, podcast, video games, his fourth main theorist channel, and a potential Netflix documentary.

“And there are so many awesome ideas that just float around between us, the ARGs that we want to do for you guys. The scary mystery podcast that’ll have you re-listening to search for clues, the indie that will get you questioning everything that you just played, the Netflix show that will prove to the world that anyone with a love and a passion can become a theorist. But in order to do any of that, any of it, before the heat death of the universe, we just needed more help…

“Their [Lunar X] goal is to make us stronger, to provide us resources so we can all feel a little less pressure to execute without having to actually slow down.”

MatPat reassured fans that things will still stay the same, despite being owned by another company. He and his wife are still the CEO and COO and no one from the team will be leaving. This partnership will allow the Theorist team to have more resources to focus on what they do best and fans can expect more content in the future.

MatPat ensured fans that he and Lunar X are on the same page and he believes that this company could be trusted to take care of what he has built from the ground up since he started his YouTube channel all those years ago.