How to join the official TikTok Book Club

@edenreidreads and @bcemercer from TikTok holding up a copy of Persuasion by Jane Austen
@edenreidreads and @bcemercer / TikTok

Readers rejoice! TikTok — home of the famous #BookTok community — has just implemented an official book club for readers across the globe to come together in their love of books.

Anyone who has spent a modicum of time on TikTok in the last several years knows that the social media platform sports various sub-communities within the app that have millions upon millions of users eager to share their unique and specific passions with other like-minded people. #BookTok is one such community and its purpose is as it sounds — to come together in the discussion of books and share opinions with other book-lovers. 

Book clubs have never truly gone out of style, especially when you look at big-name book clubs like Oprah’s Book Club and Reese’s Book Club. But TikTok has done something unimaginable to books since the advent of #BookTok’s popularity 2020. It’s, well, made reading cool again. 

We know, it’s wild. But it’s true. #BookTok has seen nearly 65 billion views to date, according to TikTok. Thanks to #BookTok, even bookstores like Barnes & Noble have seen an increase in book sales. In Los Angeles, California, Barnes & Noble at the Grove sports an entire section dedicated to just #BookTok books alone, and it’s become one of the most profitable sections of the store. 

Communities similar to #BookTok are also found on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, affectionately adorned Bookstagram and BookTube. Still, #BookTok is easily the most popular and easily carries the most weight.  

So, what exactly is the official TikTok Book Club? 


Thank you @TikTok UK for asking me to be a a part of the book club with 5 other amazing creators!! I can’t wait for you all to read persuasion and let me know what you think! 💕🫶🏾 #booktok #cocosarel #janeausten [email protected] Mercer @Eden Reid @Alicia (Li)🌙 @Jack Edwards

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On July 18, TikTok announced the official creation of the TikTok Book Club. The book club will serve as a “virtual space for the TikTok community to discuss new titles together.” As is customary, a new book will be chosen every month and users can come together through the #BookTok and #BookClub hashtag to discuss their thoughts and share opinions. 

One of the most exciting bits of info to come from this TikTok Book Club announcement is the induction of five very popular #BookTok users, now officially named BookTok Laureates – @li.reading, @jackbenedwards, @cocosarel, @Bmercer, and @edenreidreads. 

Each laureate will guide readers through the monthly picks with discussions and introspective looks at the story and characters. At the end of every month, the five laureates will come together in a co-hosted live video to discuss the novel with viewers in-depth.

How do you join the TikTok Book Club?


who’s joining in with me and @cocosarel @li.reading @edenreidreads & @jackbenedwards?! #booktok #tiktokbookclub #janeausten #janeaustentiktok #persuasion

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Like most book clubs, it’s pretty easy to join, and it’s open to everyone. All you have to do is purchase or borrow the book, read it, and discuss it on TikTok using the #BookTok and #BookClub hashtag. 

Book clubs are a great way to branch out of your normal reading patterns, or if you’re looking to read more, the book club is an easy and interactive way to get your foot in the door. 

The first official TikTok Book Club book is Persuasion by Jane Austen. You might be wondering why TikTok chose to go with a classic and not one of the insanely popular contemporary novels flying off the shelves at the moment. That’s because the Jane Austen classic was just adapted into a Netflix movie. It came out on July 15, just days before the TikTok Book Club announcement.  

Grab those reading glasses, dust off those bookshelves, and crack open your next favorite read today. Then head on over to TikTok and start striking up conversations with fellow book clubers.