Is McDonald’s adult Happy Meal available in the UK?

Photo of the McDonald's sign with a seagull sitting on the arch.
Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay

The happiest place in fast food got a lot happier when McDonald’s announced its plan revive the adult Happy Meal. The fast-food giant has done a similar thing in the past, but this time customers can choose classic menu options like a Big Mac or 10 piece Chicken McNuggets. The launch officially occured on Oct. 3 and now that fast-food lovers across the U.S. are basking in the nostalgia, those across the pond are wondering if they too can partake in the fun.

The adult Happy Meal comes in partnership with Cactus Plant Flea Market, a popular streetwear brand that has been linked to celebrities like Kanye West and Pharrell in the past. In addition to the classic toys of yore, Cactus Plant Flea Market has introduced a new face to the toy-ground, and McDonald’s has spiced up the design to lend itself to these modern times.

Whether or not the good people of the UK can enjoy an adult Happy Meal of their own is another question entirely.

Is McDonald’s adult Happy Meal available in the UK?

On Sept. 30 British newspaper Manchester Evening News reported that McDonald’s had no intention of rolling out the adult Happy Meal in the UK. The news came as an obvious blow to those in the UK who’ve witnessed the hype happening from across the pond; those in the U.S. haven’t been able to stop talking about it since McDonald’s announcement on Sept. 27.

McDonald’s has introduced adult Happy Meals in the past. In 2004 it launched the Go Active! Happy Meal in the U.S. which came served with a salad, water, and a pamphlet of exercise tips. This time around the fast-food giant is going full-blown nostalgic, reminding those who partook in the childhood delicacy why McDonald’s reigns supreme when it comes to Kids Meals.

Of course, that makes McDonald’s decision not to release the adult Happy Meal in the UK that much harder of a pill to swallow. Ahead of its launch, McDonald’s wrote on it’s Twitter page “remember u are never too old for a happy meal.” Well, apparently you are if you live in the UK. Sorry, Brits. We wish we had better news for you.