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‘She reminds of a human golden retriever’: Pregnant wife gets bath surprise

"He's basically treating his angel wif exactly how she deserves to be treated."

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Pregnancy can be rough for expecting mothers. While there is the joy and excitement of bringing new life to the world, women also have to deal with the constant change of their bodies, as well as numerous health issues like fatigue, back pains, and morning sickness. So when this soon-to-be-father released a now-viral TikTok video about the lengths he went to support his wife, you can tell that he’s going to be an amazing father once the child is born.

Tay, from the couple account Kay and Tay, shared a video where he prepared an amazing bath for his wife, who’s currently in her third trimester. According to the video’s caption, his partner has been feeling very uncomfortable, and that she could no longer do simple tasks like walking. One of the issues Kay faced recently was a “troublesome heartburn,” so he decided to give her something to help her put her mind and body at ease during this difficult medical period.


Backstory ::: As Kay approaches her third trimester, everyday tasks like simply walking, have become increasingly uncomfortable for her. 😔 During her last bath, she struggled to find a comfortable position with her neck and head against the hard bath wall. So, I decided to surprise her with a bath pillow to enhance her bathing experience! 😂 While she was dealing with troublesome heartburn she asked for a bath, I told her to wait for a moment and prepared everything. Now, Kay can enjoy more relaxing baths! ❤️ Our next mission? Finding a more comfortable way for her to waddle around! 😂 #kayandtayofficial #couples #relationships #pregnant

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It’s no surprise that Kay was emotional once she saw the bath that her partner made for her. Meanwhile, many viewers appreciated Tay for going far and beyond to make his partner feel at ease. People also complimented the wife for looking “adorable,” as well as gave her multiple compliments for her “pickle jacket.”

It’s quite amazing that Tay was willing to go to great lengths to ensure his partner’s comfort during her pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, heartburn is one of the common symptoms during the third trimester, and this could be prevented if the mother has small, frequent meals and avoid spicy and fried foods.

The couple made the pregnancy announcement back in March 2023. Since then, they have been documenting Kay’s pregnancy journey, including the ultrasound visits and trips to the gynecologist. Meanwhile, Tay has been uploading videos where he constantly showed support to his wife by attending to her numerous pregnancy cravings, as well as buying her gifts to make her feel better. Hopefully, these two will share the same energy once the baby is born.

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