‘Stranger Things’ fans unleash theories on what horrors await Hawkins

Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

Everyone is waiting to see what will happen next as the Stranger Things show runners have left us hanging at the end of season four, volume one. Whilst they wait, fans have kept themselves busy guessing what might come next for the band of heroes.

Currently scattered across the States and also in Russia, our heroes are still fighting against the evil of the Upside Down. Eleven’s past is back to haunt her, and the residents of Hawkins, in the form of Vecna, a Freddy Krueger-style villain that stalks his prey in their minds before brutally murdering them.

With Joyce, Hopper, and Murray still needing to escape from Russia, Eleven painfully reliving her worst memories in order to gain back her powers, and Nancy caught in Vecna’s mind control, the last episode left viewers on a cliff-hanger and no one can say exactly what will happen next, – but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a good guess.

The official Netflix Geeked Twitter account reached out to fans on the social media platform, asking them what theories they may have for season four, volume two.

Every season of Stranger Things has raised the stakes, and with the show finally coming to an end with season five. Season four, volume two is the beginning of the end, whether that end is for the Upside Down or one or more of our heroes we just can’t say. It would seem that fans think it may not end well for everyone, with many predicting various characters’ demises.

This fan thinks that the only way for this to end is with the death of the one who opened the gate in the first place.

Perhaps Hawkins will go the same way as Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s town of Sunnydale, the parallels are there.

This user has definitely watched the trailer, as Eddie did appear in the upside-down playing guitar, but if Steve dies there will be rioting.

This user might be particularly sad if the above were the case, as they seem to think that love will save the day.

Even though he is a new character this season, it would seem fans are adamant that Eddie survives.

Some people are loving the budding friendship between Robin and Nancy, and hope it turns to more.

This user pretty much sums up the future of the show.

If the teaser for the upcoming season four, volume two, is anything to go by it will be action-packed.

Stranger Things season four, volume two lands on Netflix on July 1.