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The best Snapchat story games

These games are a super-intimate way to get to know your friends and followers.

is one of the most popular social media apps because of all its fun features that aid in online connections. With its quick chat functions, wide variety of filters, and emojis, Snapchat quickly rose through the ranks of most-used applications. With the introduction of a games library — Snap Games — in 2019, many users can now engage in simple, fun games with friends online. 

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That isn’t the only way to play a game on Snapchat, however. There are story games available, which use templates to ask interesting and entertaining questions that help you get to know your friends better, and vice-versa. They’re also a fun way to pass the time.

Here are some of the best Snapchat story games available. 

This or That

Image via Pinterest/Keiko Lynn

One of the most popular story games on Snapchat — and even other platforms like Instagram and TikTok — is This or That. People will always want to know the things they share in common with each other, and this quick game is a great way to find that out. This or That compiles a list of options covering virtually everything, including hobbies, movies, apps, and other entertaining creations, and pits one option against another. Examples include: Spotify or Apple Music, Netflix or YouTube, Books or Movies, Eating Out or Cooking in, and more. Users get the chance to select which option they prefer and share it with their friends and followers. Simple, quick, and entertaining, This or That is a great way to spark some interesting conversations.

Never Have I Ever

Image via Pinterest/Glamm Templates

Never Have I Ever is an online version of the popular drinking game, but you don’t have to be at a physical party with friends to play this one, as users can play Never Have I Ever with Snapchat friends on their story. The game includes a list of activities that you may or may not have done, and for each activity you haven’t done, you have to take a shot of an agreed-upon drink. There aren’t any strict rules for this version, and it could simply be a fun game to help you know your friends better. 

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Image via Pinterest/Naomy

Kiss, Marry, Kill is another iteration of the popular party game and can be played both online or offline, but playing it on your Snapchat story is sure to get you a lot of responses. You begin the game by asking your friends to give you three names. When you have those names, you have to fit each person into a category: kiss, marry, or kill. This can get entertaining when you’re playing with a group of friends, and you can also put up celebrity names, classmates, or even fictional characters like superheroes and anime protagonists.

Random Questions

Image via Pinterest/Lacie Netherton

If you want to get to know a crush better or find out more about your friends, Random Questions is the way to go. The name is pretty self-explanatory, as it includes a list of truly random questions that you may not normally think to ask. Some of the questions may be a bit silly, and others can start some deep conversations. 


Post Snapchat story games
Image via Pinterest/Gabby Walton

Post is one of the most revealing Snapchat story games you can play, so it’s usually advised to play this one with just your close friends. As the name suggests, you have to post something from a list of options. The post options could be anything from “post your best friend“ to ”post an embarrassing picture of yourself”, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before putting this game up on your story. There are many Post templates out there, or you could create your own to add your unique options.

GIF Challenge

Image via Pinterest/Stephanie Hope

Everyone loves a good GIF. They’re fun, playful, and a unique way to respond to messages. There’s nothing better than finding the perfect GIF that accurately describes your mood or thoughts exactly, and that’s what the challenge is all about. The blank template gives different prompts, like your celebrity crush, current mood, or favorite food, and your friends can find GIFs that answer those prompts as best as they can.

How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?

Image via Pinterest/The Untold Phrase

One of the best things about people is how we all see things from different perspectives. Things that you may consider your best traits may be your worst to some people. With this game, you can find out exactly how your friends see you, and the aspects of yourself that stand out the most to people. It would be really interesting to see the differences in the way your friends and followers describe you, and this game can also give you some insight into some personality traits you may or may not be aware of. 

On My Phone

Image via Pinterest/Glamm Templates

YouTubers, influencers, and celebrities sometimes do ‘phone tours’ or ‘what’s on my phone’ videos, but you don’t have to be famous to shed some light to the people curious about what’s on your phone. With the On My Phone game, you have a list of questions about many things on your phone such as “your favorite app” or “lock screen wallpaper”, and your friends can ask a variety of questions. On My Phone can also get heated with questions like “your last sent text” or “your search history”, so be extra careful who you’re revealing what to. 


Image via Pinterest/The Tiny Herbivore

Bingo used to be seen as a game for older folks, but with social media, it has become a fun bonding game for many to indulge in. Bingo features a 5×5 grid with each cell filled with options. Users can make a bingo board for all kinds of things too, as quarantine bingo boards were very popular at the height of the lockdown. A quarantine bingo board would include things like “baking banana bread” or “starting a TikTok”, and the goal is to cross out a full line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Send Me 2 Names

Image via Pinterest/Lilly Loulijia

You start the game by asking your Snapchat friends to send you two names — preferably names of people who everyone is familiar with. Once you have chosen your two names, you fill out the template choosing which of the two people you would rather fulfill the different prompts with, such as which you would rather marry, who you think is hotter, and other fun questions.

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