The best viral TikTok challenges in 2022 (so far)


TikTok has the ability to turn the most simple and casual moments into viral sensations. From unique dance challenges to food recipes and lip-sync moments, the For You page on TikTok is home to numerous viral trends that continue to take over the world. TikTok challenges are a way for users to participate in an ongoing trend and put their own unique spin or take on it, encouraging them to be as creative as possible when participating. 

Here are the 10 most viral trends on TikTok in 2022 so far. With six more months to go in the year, who’s to say what other interesting, border-crossing challenges will come our way. In the meantime, however, you can always participate in these for some fun and guaranteed exposure.

In 2022, I will…

At the end of 2021, this challenge went insanely viral as it gave everyone the opportunity to tell what their hopes and dreams were for the upcoming new year. It featured users from all over the globe sharing their resolutions. The trend became such a viral hit that numerous filters were eventually created for it, with some even having pre-programmed resolutions available. The challenge hashtag has over 95 million views on the social media platform.

The Birria ramen challenge 

This challenge became a hit with TikTok’s foodie community; it features users sharing recipes for making Birria ramen, which usually consists of Mexican shredded beef, chilli broth and Japanese ramen. For those who were unable to cook the dish, but still wanted the exposure from the viral challenge, the meal was used in many other kinds of videos, from taste tests to ASMR content. With over 100 million views, this simple recipe took the world by storm. 

The empath challenge

Although this is not a new trend, it did go viral again in 2022 with almost five million new views under its hashtag. In this challenge, users take on the position of a person who always seems to sense a difference in their friends or the atmosphere of the room (an empath). While most of the videos are for comedic purposes, there are some educational videos under the trend that teach viewers what it really means to be an empath.

Hot pot sauce

Another win for the foodies, this challenge currently has over a billion total views under its hashtag and is one of the most viral trends of the year so far. This simple challenge has foodies trying out a dipping sauce for their hotpot. Some users give out their favourite recipes for the dipping sauce while others try it out to see how good the recipe is. The trend may not be a new one, but it became very popular this year.

Beyonce drop challenge 

With over a billion views accumulated, the drop challenge was not only a viral sensation on TikTok, but made the rounds on numerous other social media platforms as well. Users would go about their daily tasks, and when a call out from Beyoncé is heard, they would drop low slowly into a squat position. The song used in the challenge is “Yoncé/Partition” from her self-titled album. The trend first started on Instagram — after Beyonce challenged her fans with the trend — and it went viral on TikTok after the American stand-up comedian Atsuko Okatsuka posted herself doing the drop challenge with her grandma. It’s one of the most popular trends on social media, and has been recreated by countless other celebrities. 

Jiggle Jiggle challenge 

Featuring the remixed rap lyrics of famous documentarian, Louis Theroux, as well as a beat and some auto-tune, this trend still has the whole world dancing. Most users on the platform, including celebrities like Shakira have posted videos of themselves dancing to the catchy song. While the challenge’s hashtag has over a billion views on TikTok, many are unaware of the audio’s origin which is from a conversation with UK comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg on the show, Chicken Shop Date. Much like the Beyoncé drop challenge, this famous remix has traveled across social media platforms.

The edge challenge

With almost 15 million views under the hashtag, this trend uses the sound “Edge” by Canadian DJ Rezz. It is a new transition trend that spread like wildfire and content creators and other users have performed the trend in private and public spaces. The reactions of people watching as they pass by always adds an element of fun to the videos.

The Sprite challenge 

Easy to join, but hard to succeed in, the Sprite challenges nudges users to drink an entire bottle of Sprite without stopping to burp. With how fizzy the drink is, it’s no surprise that many people all over the world have failed to complete it. However, what makes this challenge a fun one is the reactions of users trying their hardest to hold in a burp and failing hilariously. The challenge has amassed almost four billion total views so far. 

Anitta’s “Envolver” challenge 

When the music video for Brazilian sensation Anitta’s single ‘Envolver” was released, fans couldn’t help but be awestruck by a scene where the singer and dancer thrusted her hips in a plank position. While the dance move seems easy at first glance, users and other content creators found themselves having a hard time replicating the sexy choreography. In a conversation with Billboard, the singer revealed the song’s success is due to her not playing pretend about being sexy and confident. While it will take some time at the gym in order to master the challenge, Anitta definitely makes it look so easy.