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‘The Boys’ channels ‘Invincible’ and mocks a tragically departed character

Homelander's previous hits didn't hurt nearly as bad as this one.

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Warning: Spoilers for The Boys to follow.

When it comes to the audience-grabber that is superhero media, it’s safe to say that the MCU has the top spot on ironclad lock. But, an arguable second place could go to Amazon Prime Video, which is home to two of the most critically-acclaimed superhero shows today; the dystopian, uncensored The Boys, and the animated Invincible, of which we’re still waiting on a second and third season for.

Invincible in particular spawned many a popular meme, most notably Omni-Man’s “Think, Mark!” moment from the season finale showdown between him and the titular hero, but the unlikely crossover between the two shows came from Invincible‘s “That’s the neat part. You don’t” meme, and it was far too soon to post this one.

The meme depicts The Boys characters Supersonic and Homelander, with the former asking when he gets to show off what he can do as a hero, and Homelander delivering the meme’s perennial punchline.

This is, of course, in reference to Supersonic’s tragic death in episode four, having been slaughtered by Homelander in secret after catching wind of his and Starlight’s plans to conspire against the terrifying leader of the Seven. We never did get to see Supersonic in action outside of his talent behind the microphone, but it was his genial personality and friendly face that make his death sting particularly bad.

Despite debuting the worst possible crossover, The Boys and Invincible still rank up with the very best that superhero media has to offer, and while it may be another while before we see anything beyond Invincible‘s first season, The Boys recently released their third season, with new episodes being added every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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