These Netflix tweets from 2017 further rub salt in the wound of canceled shows

Image: Netflix

That did not age well. Some tweets from the official Netflix site have resurfaced and subscribers are now roasting the hell out of the streaming company for the irony. Netflix has recently come under scrutiny from viewers after a long list of canceled shows has left them fuming as well as getting rid of password sharing, and these tweets have become the cherry on the ironic cake.

Netflix must have had to sharpen its axe a fair amount in recent months given how many of its shows have been taken to the chopping block. Fans have been livid over many of their shows being canceled despite being left on cliffhangers, with the #bringback or #renew trending hard on Twitter.

One of the recent shows that, despite seeming to have a core fanbase, did not escape cancellation was Warrior Nun, which had fans in uproar on Twitter. The list of canceled shows is a long one and includes shows that were still in production when they got the call they were canceled, like Bad Crimes which was backed by comedy legends Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. With all these cancellations, this tweet from 2017 has to hurt even more.

The tweet was in reference to the show Sense8, which was canceled in 2017 after only two seasons with the last episode leaving the show on a huge cliffhanger. The cancellation caused such an uproar that Netflix then produced a two-and-a-half special to wrap up the story. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many of the other series that have been canceled of late given that the company did not stick by the sentiment shown in this tweet, leaving many feeling a little betrayed.

Now people are calling out the blatant lie and bringing up all the occasions since that Netflix has gone back on its word and canceled their favorite show.

This user is calling out Netflix for canceling Everything Sucks only one year later in 2018 after only one season.

Another confirmed. They want to know what happened!

Another canceled series that fans are still upset about in The OA.

What was so confusing about this was that the show was critically acclaimed, named by Empire as the seventh-best series of all time, and yet Netflix shot it in the back anyway.

One person seems to have figured out the formula.

People are also pointing out that Netflix had originally marketed itself as a platform where you could share passwords, with this tweet originally shared in 2017 making us want to roll our eyes now. One user posted the tweet beside an article that entirely contradicts it.

Obviously, companies change over time as they adapt to the market, but it feels very much like Netflix has become unrecognizable in its goals compared to 2017, leaving many to abandon the streaming service in search of greener pastures.