TikTok user’s video fail Is becomes the funniest new trend on the app

Image via Pixabay

While starting new trends and going viral is pretty much the name of the game for dedicated TikTok users, sometimes users will find their videos getting swarmed with likes and shares literally by accident. That’s just what happened to user @kateylorrell recently when she filmed herself taking a tumble while showing off her new outfit.


Just trying to show my fit off but the good lord had other plans 😩🥲 #voiceeffects #ScreamItOut #hurt

♬ original sound – Kate 💥

The original shows Lorrell backing away from her phone as she prepares to show off her look for the day when she suddenly hits her bedpost at exactly the wrong moment. She emits an epic “OW!” and then tumbles onto her bed. Not exactly a perfect rendition of ‘Renegade” or one of the many other dance trends that find themselves going viral on the app. But other users are finding the video hilarious and are even using the app’s side-by-side Duet function to add their own commentary and soundtracks.

User @mrjonzmusic even took to Twitter to post his video response and to add Lorrell’s distinctive “OW!” to the chorus of a Bee Gees hit — not to mention showing off his own fairly impressive pipes.

For whatever reason, Lorrell’s uniquely pitch “OW!” has hit the perfect note on TikTok to go viral. The original video alone has received 1.4 million likes so far, but many of the resulting duets have garnered even millions more, inspiring a whole new viral trend on the site.

User @peningtonn”s duet, which mixes Lorrell’s “OW” with Nelly’s “No Matter What I Do,” has racked up a mind-blowing 9.7 million views. Many users are re-creating the “Staying Alive” video posted by @mrjonzmusic, but other users have found plenty of other tunes for Lorrell to interject her shout into.


#duet with @kateylorrell hahaha aye who squealed in the background?

♬ original sound – Kate 💥

#duet with @kateylorrell The new Avada Kedavra trend? Ouch though, hope you’re okay #harrypotter #ouch #soundtrack #avadakedavra

♬ original sound – Kate 💥

Only time will tell how long the trend continues – but given the TikTok’s love of a good trend, Lorrell may find herself “duetting” with users across the platform for some time to come. And great TikTok trends never really die. They just get saved to “Favorites.”