What is the ‘old grannies’ TikTok trend?

Old Grannies
Screengrab via TikTok

A hilarious trend is sweeping TikTok, and we are here for it.

Your favorite time-waster continues to be the app that keeps on giving. From dancing videos to comedy and cooking, TikTok and its uploads give you what you need in minutes. It’s a place to get inspired, get moving, or fill that gap while you’re waiting in line at the DMV. Users can access the library of available music and filters to create content to endlessly entertain us and sometimes gross us out.

Whether you’re a watcher or an uploader, you need to know about the viral trend currently making waves on the platform.

What is the “old grannies” trend on TikTok?

If you want to participate in this challenge, all you have to do is ask someone you know to search “old grannies” on Google Images, then get their reaction. TikTokers are filming themselves doing the Google Image search, then recording their own reactions or pranking an unsuspecting friend or relative. Seeing them recoil in shock will be the best part of your day, as it has been for TikTokers the world over.

This trend is actually not new ⏤ it started in 2020 ⏤ but TikTokers have recently revived it to great comic effect. The viral trend has yielded some pretty funny reactions, and since some people do not appreciate being pranked, hilarity often ensues.

Essentially, there are some revealing and shocking images of elderly women out there available to you if you ever have the need to search for them. It’s that simple. Have fun with it. Prank your mom, prank your dog, prank your sister. Just make sure your phone is in video mode, as their reaction might end up going viral.

Some TikTok users are already hip to the prank, so be sure to get to your friend or co-worker before they see this so you can capture their reaction and upload. They’ll thank you later. Just kidding.

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