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What is the TikTok ‘leak your photos’ trend?

The results aren't what you'd expect.

Image via Tiktok/@steveaoki

Another day, another new TikTok trend taking the internet by storm. This time, creators on the popular video-sharing app are pretending to leak their own photos. The trend uses the song “Sirtaki (Zorba the Greek),” originally by Mikis Theodorakis for the 1964 film Zorba the Greek, as users share their camera rolls. There’s rarely a singular reason why sounds take off on TikTok, and this is no exception.

The popular sound isn’t only used for the “leak your photos” trend or its variations, but, with the help of the trend, it’s racked up over 240.7k videos and counting. Even though the sound is erroneously titled “Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek),” the sound only seems to be on the rise, and this viral trend is bound to continue.

What is the ‘leak your photos’ trend?

The first instance of the “leak your photos” trend—as far as we can tell—is a video posted by DJ Steve Aoki with the caption “Hacker: Send me $1,000,000 or I’ll leak your iCloud photos.” Aoki “leaks” his own photos and shows off the ridiculousness of his camera roll. The trend uses its prompt to surprise viewers by pointing out how the creator’s camera roll is actually absurd, mundane, or wholesome. It’s easy to see how this would thwart would-be hackers, and it makes for enjoyable content.

The trend is easy to replicate, and many creators are eager to put their own spin on it by sharing baby photos, crying photos, photos of attractive K-Pop idols, and photos of their adorable pets. The possibilities with this trend are virtually limitless, and some creators are even making multiple videos, especially the ones with camera rolls filled with their cute cats.

What are some variations of the ‘leak your photos’ trend?

It’s not only English-speaking creators using the viral sound for the “leak your photos” trend as it has made its way to Spanish-speaking TikTok as well. Originally, the new trend was essentially identical to the original, but it quickly morphed into a variation where the hackers do get their money. This new variation shows creators looking uncomfortably at the camera with some form of the caption “Hacker: Send me $1,000,000 or I’ll leak your conversations” before the creator coughs up some cash.

This new variation is just as funny and shows that a lot of people have group chats they do not want the world to view. The Spanish-language trend has made its way back to English-language TikTok, and the results are hilarious in either language.


Cheque for you sir … no way anyones seeing that BS #fyp

♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

The “leak your photos” trend continues to morph, including this video of a creator paying off potential hackers to not leak their private Wattpad library.


you can have my card. just dont speak a word about my library.

♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

As far as TikTok trends go, it’s easy to see why this one is getting so popular. We love watching creators put their unique spin on the “leak your photos” trend, and we can’t wait to see what variations happen next.

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