Who Is TikToker Becca Moore and What Is She Known For?
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Who is TikToker Becca Moore, and what is she known for?

What started as a Coachella robbery turned into a newfound friendship.

Becca Moore TikTok
Image via @becccamooore/TikTok

TikTok star Becca Moore’s name is all over the news, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Moore shared the wild tale of a Coachella robbery with her 826,600 followers on April 30, days after the popular festival ended. In just under three minutes, Moore regaled viewers with the story of how a chivalrous Uber driver saved her “from going missing,” according to her video’s caption. The story is captivating viewers — more than three million of them, so far — and generating interest in the mysterious Uber hero who saved the day.

Who is Becca Moore?

Becca Moore is a popular TikToker whose following largely came about long before Coachella 2022. Her uploads often see Moore reveal details about her life via sarcastic storytime videos or pranks on her family and friends.

Her “alpha male” TikTok from late 2021 already saw headlines spread about Moore, who carefully leans into her stereotypical appeal — as an inarguably attractive white woman — to craft a funny caricature. Moore’s dry wit pairs perfectly with her comedic style, leading the majority of the videos on her page to rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

The Coachella story


the uber driver that saved me from going missing is @buds4u559!! 😭 after spending the day w him he told me his daughter is a senior in high school & is having a hard time going through chemo. i made a gofundme, he could’ve left me and didn’t have to help me the way he did! I’d love to help his fam give his daughter a normal end to her senior year of high school this year (prom!!) i’m putting it in my bio!!

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Moore’s latest viral moment came about following her misadventures at Coachella. She uploaded a video with a text overlay claiming she was “robbed and went missing for a full day after Coachella.” In the video, Moore outlines the details that saw her stranded in an unfamiliar California city in late April.

According to Moore, a man approached her at the festival and appeared to be flirting with her. Instead, she says, he “just robbed me.” The man took off with Moore’s phone, credit cards, and the keys to her rental car. Left without a way to get around, money, or a way to call for help, Moore was thankfully assisted by her hotel staff. The Uber they hired was only intended to get her to a Sprint store so she could replace her phone, but ultimately became a central piece in Moore’s hectic journey.

As soon as Uber driver Raul Torres heard about Moore’s situation, he volunteered his aid, according to Moore’s storytime post. After taking her to the Sprint store and attempting to help her get a phone, Torres drove Moore to a nearby police station and helped her file a report. The two became fast friends, picking up some “Starbys” and “playing detective” as they worked to hunt down the culprit behind Moore’s missing possessions.

After tracking the man to his Airbnb but failing to find Moore’s phone, keys, or credit card, she and Torres took a quick break to enjoy a few margaritas. Torres — who Moore refers to as “an angel on this earth” — then took Moore back to the Airbnb, where the pair finally managed to track down her lost phone. Her keys and credit cards were harder to find, but Moore is looking on the bright side.

“So yeah that man stole my phone, my keys, my credit cards,” Moore says in her TikTok. “You know what he gave me? Friendship. With Raul. So it was worth it.”

Raul Torres


thank god he refused to leave me 😭 raul’s tiktok is @buds4u559. also you can donate to the fam in my bio!! thank you all for your donations and generosity. you today, me tomorrow!! #TipsForRaul

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For a full workday — between 10am and 6pm, according to Moore — Torres stayed with his unexpected passenger, keeping her calm, safe, and working toward solutions. During their adventures, Moore learned that the charitable Uber driver has a teenage daughter at home who is currently undergoing chemotherapy in her senior year of high school. Torres shared that his only desire is to see his daughter enjoy a normal end to her senior year, complete with classic teenage experiences like graduation and prom. He also informed Moore that his father was battling cancer of his own, adding additional strain to the Torres family.

His story inspired Moore to make a GoFundMe for the family, where she is asking for donations to help the Torres clan to offset their medical costs and to ensure that Torres’ daughter can have a senior year to remember. Less than a week after it started, the GoFundMe has already raised $152,828 of its $150,000 goal.

The money comes at a good time, as an update from Moore indicates that Torres’ father passed away soon after the GoFundMe was started. The money raised by Moore and nearly 9,000 strangers will hopefully help the family through the funeral costs.

Moore is carefully maneuvering her influence for a wonderful cause, and her followers can’t get enough. Donations continue to pour into the GoFundMe for Torres and his family, and touched followers are flocking to Moore’s account to share their support for the family.