12/12/12 Is Aaron Rodgers Day!


The State of Wisconsin must be having a slow month. On Tuesday, February 21st, by a unanimous vote, the Wisconsin State Assembly designated Dec. 12, 2012, as Aaron Rodgers Day. That’s 12/12/12 to honor the reigning NFL MVP of the Green Bay Packers, number 12, Aaron Charles Rodgers.

Rodgers was touched by the honor and he took to his Twitter account to share his feelings;

Very flattered and honored that 12/12/12 is in the works. Thank u to the efforts of Jennifer Brilowski and our many incredible fans

Jennifer Brilowski is the fan that started the ball rolling with a Facebook campaign to create the holiday. And for those wondering, there’s no chance the Packers could be playing on his day, 12/12/12 falls on a Wednesday.

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