Chilly Done in Minnesota, Favre Not

Chilly's Farewell from Minnesota

Today, November 22, 2010, Brad Childress’ rein in Minnesota has finally come to an end. The outcome in this situation: Brett Favre will still be starting come Sunday afternoon in Washington.

The Minnesota Vikings organization has announced today that Brad Childress will no longer be in as head coach with Leslie Frazier set to replace him. Childress has been under the line of fire as of late in Minnesota, as the Vikings were touted to be one of the main contenders for this year’s Super Bowl, but have now fallen to 3-7. What I find interesting in this move is that despite the dismal 3-7 season, Brett Favre, who mathematically is having a sub-par season at 2247 total passing yards, 10 Tds to 17 Interceptions, is still the starting quarterback in Minnesota.

I dont disagree with the move of Chilly but seriously, Brett Favre is rolling on the fact that he is “Brett Favre” and his 295 consecutive starts. He is the undeniable team leader but has been unable to amount to any type of sustainable success on the field this year. My suggestion?  Give Tavaris Jackson some more reps with the first team in practice if not to play, but to put some pressure on Favre. At some point, some accountability must be put on Favre, who is simply not producing. If the case here involved some other quarterback, a switch would have been made games ago.

It’s time for Favre to step down from his thrown.