Henry Joins Red Bull


A world class footballer and French soccer legend has made it over to the MLS to play for the New York Redbull.  Thierry Henry will be introduced tomorrow in Harrison, New Jersey as it marks the second groundbreaking splash in the history of the MLS.

Henry, the former Arsenal and Barcelona stud is one of the most marketed and well known soccer players in the recent decade.  The acquisition of Henry by the Red Bull and the league overall displays how much the MLS has grown and evolved into a recognized association.  The ability shown to attract world renown players is great for Major League Soccer as the league continues to take positive strides into the future.

This signing is the second of superstar proportions as we all remember the crossover of David Beckham to the MLS in 2007.  Henry will be making his first appearance for the Red Bull on July 22nd against Tottenham of the English Premier League.


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