LeBron James Should Not Win MVP


Let me start out by saying that I think LeBron James is the most talented player in the game today.  An athletic freak that can score, rebound, defend, and set up his teammates.  No one brings that kind of total package to a basketball court like LeBron James can.  But he’s not the most valuable player, not of the league, nor of his team.

Many of his fans point to the demise of the Cleveland Cavaliers as the #1 reason why he should be MVP.  ‘Look at what the Cavs have become without him.’ They lament.  I say look at what the Heat are with him.  Not quite as good as the Cavs were with him last season.  Last year the King only tasted defeat 21 times, this year with the ‘Heatles’ (Worst. Nickname. Ever.) they already have 22.

I won’t even get into the other qualified candidates that are playing some damn good basketball this season.  No point in mentioning Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, or Dwight Howard.  oops…

I just don’t see a majority of the voters putting James on top of their ballot.  Some will have ill feelings towards the way that the former ruler of Cleveland drug out his ‘Decision’.  Others may have soured on him because of the psuedo championship celebration Pat Riley and the Heat organization put on after his acquisition.  And others may be torn between him and Dwyane Wade as being the MVP of that team.  A Miami split vote may ultimately doom his chances.