Madden 2012 Cover Boy: Peyton Hillis or Michael Vick

I wonder if EA Sports had this final two in mind when they allowed ESPN to showcase a 32 player fan pick-em bracket.  The Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound must have been working overtime to get their running back to the finals.   Peyton Hillis powered by the Dawg Pound vs. Michael Vicknope, I’m not gonna do it… you can insert your own Vick joke here __________.

You just know EA Sports had something more in mind like an Aaron Rodgers, a Drew Brees, or a Peyton Manning to grace their cover.  Those guys at EA must have known fans would rebel against their thinking and vote for their favorites to bow out of the bracket.  No one wants their favorite player to be effected by the Madden Curse. I know as a Bears fan, I voted against Julius Peppers and for Rodgers and Adrian PetersonI do not want my guy on that cover.

Vick was already effected when he was on the cover before.  He broke his foot in 2004 soon after the announcement that he would be the cover boy.  I think some fans that have negative feeling towards Vick, may have voted for him to win, just so the Curse could do it’s thing on the controversial Eagle QB.

What if Vick wins, is any press good press?  What if Hillis wins and he ends up splitting time with promising 2nd year running back Montario Hardesty, who will be back 100% for the Browns in 2012?

The Cover Boy winner will be announced tomorrow (April 27th, click here to see who won!) on ESPN2 at 4pm Eastern.