MLB Opening Day Angst

How did your team do opening day?

How did your team do opening day?

Every year I have to quell my excitement about opening day for Major League Baseball.  Don’t get me wrong, the phrase “pitchers and catchers report” fires me up about the potential for the upcoming season, and like many baseball fans I keep an eye on the Spring Training stats of my favorite teams.  But in baseball, more than in any other sport, the old saying about the regular season rings true; It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Game one of a hundred and sixty two is just as important as game 7 or 107.  Sure getting of to a good start is always better than losing a few early, but it’s nothing to lose sleep over.  The Red Sox will win a few games this season, you can mark my words.  The Rays are not going 0-162.  The Rangers aren’t running the table in 2011.  And the Phillies, even with that unreal starting rotation, are not going undefeated.

Take my advice; sit back and enjoy the ride.  Don’t read to much into that opening series whether your team won or lost.  If your team loses their second series it’s still to early to panic…  just chill.  They drop the 3rd series, then it’s time to call your local sports radio station or visit your teams message boards and blow your top.  That’s my plan anyway…

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