Super Bowl XLV Predictions

Last week I advanced my overall record to 7-3, by predicting both the Packers and the Steelers to make the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is one of the world’s most watched television shows, with the Black Eyed Peas as the half time show this year, the stage is set for a great game and an amazing event.  I have already told you all how great Aaron Rodgers is, how tough that Steelers defence is, the pass rushing of Clay Matthews and the mobility of Big Ben Roethlisberger, so I will just leave you with my hesitations about selecting both teams.


The Steelers rolled over the Jets in the first half dominating all aspects of the game and seemingly putting the Jets out of the game early.  Unfortunately, the Steelers let up and gave the Jets life in the second half.  I’m not sure whether they took their foot off the gas to conserve energy for the big game in two weeks or the Jets were able to figure out the Steelers defensive schemes.  Their second half performance was not that of the AFC’s top team.  I believe the Steelers can play 60 minutes of hardnosed football, but they didn’t show that last Sunday.


The Packers had the same situation as the Steelers, where they killed the first half, even “injuring” the “tough” Jay Cutler as he was referred to in interviews by Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith. Caleb Hanie, the Bears third quarterback was somehow able to shred the Packers defence with no apparent pass rush in the second half.  Hanie was able to post great numbers in the second half against the Packers defence, scoring two touchdowns and almost coming back to win the game.  The Packers also had to play the extra week due to finishing the season as a wild card team rather than a top two seed and getting a bye week.  The Packers looked tired in the second half of that game, but with a week off they should be almost as rested as the Steelers team.


Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have had an amazing season, even with the injuries to key players on their roster.  The Steelers have been a force even when Big Ben was out early in the season. My heart says that I want the Packers to win and Aaron Rodgers to crush the memory of Brett Favre in Green Bay, but they could be too tired after a long season.

Winner: Steelers

If the Steelers win a third title with Ben Roethlisberger, should he be considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league or in league history, because so few players have won 3 Super Bowls, let alone 3 before he hit the age of 30?