NFL Bottom Of The Barrel – Week #5

If you’re new to this We Got This Covered exclusive series of posts, we’ll be taking a Power Ranking styled look at the top three and the bottom three teams in the NFL. The spin we’re putting on this standard format is both my fellow writer Dave Gilbert and I will be alternating assignments on a weekly basis.

This week it’s my turn to rank the NFL Bottom Of The Barrel, but before I do that, let’s remind ourselves who Dave had down there last week.

30. New Orleans Saints
31. Miami Dolphins
32. Cleveland Browns

As bad as the Saints have looked, I just can’t put a Drew Brees led team down there. Even after a loss, I think the Dolphins have done enough to climb out of the darkness. I feel a little shake up coming at the bottom this week…

30. Oakland Raiders

Sorry Oakland fans, your team is playing some pitiful football. How can a team with Darren McFadden toting the rock be the worst rushing team in football? Over on defense, teams are shredding the Raider secondary to the tune of a 71.5 completion percentage. Sad.

To be fair they have been rocked with some key injuries, and the roster turnover from last year was substantial. The good news is they have a bye this week, but the bad news is a trip to Atlanta to face the Falcons is waiting for week 6.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Another new team in the bottom from last week, but the Jags have been hovering around the barrel all year. The lone bright spot on offense has been Maurice Jones-Drew running the ball, but the passing game is ranked 2nd to last.

Their defense lacks play makers as they’ve only recorded 2 sacks and 2 interceptions through 4 games. Things could get ugly this week as they host the Chicago Bears coming off an impressive win against the Dallas Cowboys.

32. Cleveland Browns

I really want to see the Browns move up, but I just can’t do it. I do like what they are doing in Cleveland with the young players, and I can see them playing some better football in the second half of the season, but 4 weeks in and they are yet to record a win.

They are committed to rookie QB Brandon Weeden and their season hinges on his development. Right now he’s dead last in QB rating. His 7 interceptions is ranked only behind the 8 from Tony Romo. He’s 30th in passing yards per attempt and in completion percentage. He’s definitely a work in progress.

Next up for the Browns is an angry New York Giants team, so 0-5 is a distinct possibility.

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