NFL Bottom Of The Barrel – Week 9

This week saw some truly bad performances from many NFL teams, and once again the NFC showed how much of a stronger conference it is than the AFC. Last week, we had the bottom three teams going like this:

30. Carolina Panthers

31. Kansas City Chiefs

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Let’s take a look at what, if anything, has changed this time around. Here’s week nine’s bottom of the barrel:

30. Carolina Panthers

They are still firmly entrenched as one of the worst teams in the league. Quarterback Cam Newton has shown very little of the form that saw him have such a great rookie season last year. They also still haven’t managed to sort out the running back situation, with both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart not being terribly productive.

They have just one win all season, and will be looking to make it number two against a Washington team whose defense is not the best in the world. They do have Robert Griffin III, though. Tough times ahead for the Panthers.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Dragging themselves up one spot this week are the Jags, who had a pretty decent defensive game against the Packers this past week, limiting Aaron Rodgers to just 186 yards passing.

Jacksonville Quarterback Blaine Gabbert looked good in this one, throwing for 303 yards and one touchdown. The fact is they are still 1-6, running back Maurice Jones-Drew is still out injured, and they face the Detroit Lions this week, with QB Matthew Stafford coming off a big game against the Seahawks. My prediction: the Jags are 1-7 in a few days time.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are this week’s worst team in the NFL, and no one can claim they don’t deserve it.

Like all the teams in this week’s bottom three, they have achieved just one victory this season, and that came in overtime against the Saints back in week three.

They are poor at quarterback with Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn not playing well enough. Furthermore, running back Jamaal Charles has looked good at times, but this past week he inexplicably rushed for just four yards on five carries.

They travel to San Diego this week in a game they could have a chance of winning and they will really have to play better football if they want to win many more this year.

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