NFLPA and NFL Extend CBA Deadline

The NFL Players Association and NFL have agreed to extend the deadline for the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement 7 days with talks resuming Monday, March 7.The existing Collective Bargaining Agreement was set to expire last week and was originally extended by 24 hours, however a deal was not able to be worked out in that time frame. After the 24 hours passed, the two sides agreed to extend the deadline again to the current 7 days.  Under this 7 day extension, teams will be acting as though the deal has expired meaning that no roster moves including cuts, trades or re-signs can occur. Other than the talks, the league will essentially be at a standstill until something can be worked out.

Commissioner Goodell continues to stress the importance of the labor talks stating that,

“This is going to get resolved through negotiations, not through litigations,” Goodell said. “So, talking is better than litigating.”

Many fear that a deal will not be worked out by the end of this 7 day expiration however the general feeling is that sooner rather than later, a deal will be done. For the owners and the NFL, the possible losses in revenues make it likely that they will at some point, concede to some of the NFLPA’s demands.

Can there really be no NFL season next year? Tell us what you think.