The Mess in Tennessee

Well it looks as though things in Tennessee could be getting a lot worse. Currently the Titans sit at the bottom of one of the tightest divisions in football, the AFC South. With the division leader currently being Indianapolis and Jacksonville tied at 6-5 the playoffs are still in reach but with the tailspin the team appears to be going in, it will be a difficult road ahead.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger was diagnosed last week with cancer and yet was still able to coach the team in Sunday’s 20-0 whopping at the hands of Houston. The gaping problem here, who will play quarterback for the Tennessee Titans? As offensively talented the mind of Heimerdinger is, the Titans were unable to muster any semblance of a real offensive strike with former FAU standout and 6th round pick, Rusty Smith. Back-up Kerry Collins is currently still injured leaving a hole at the quarterback position. Rusty Smith does have a good arm and proper size but he simply is not ready to be the starting QB just yet. His performance on Sunday was dismal and at times he looked lost and confused. Rusty Smith’s statistics on the day; 17-31 with just 138 yards and 3 interceptions.

To make things worse, Vince Young and the Coach Jeff Fisher continue to feud, as his text message apology was not received well. quoted Fisher saying,

“I’m not a real big text guy,” Fisher said. “I’m not really into this new-age stuff. I don’t twit or tweet. But I think face-to-face is a man thing, OK?”

The question here, will Vince Young ever play another game for the Titans? Personally, I think he is done in Tennessee. Vince Young is now 27 years old and has yet to become the leader that Coach Fisher and Owner Bud Adams have desired for him to be. A trade could be possible but either way it is time for Young to go.

With the Titans next few games against, Jacksonville, Indianapolis and then a rematch versus Houston, their playoff chances lay solely in their hands. Coach Fisher has got to turn this team around quickly.