Toronto Raptors Screw Over Knicks By Signing Landry Fields

The Toronto Raptors are that much closer to landing Steve Nash after signing Landry Fields to a three-year-deal worth $20 million.

The Raptors reached a verbal agreement with Fields Tuesday afternoon, although they won’t be able to sign him until July 11, the first day NBA players can sign new contracts.

Sure, they overpaid a lot for the 6’7″ shooting guard but this particular move was about much more than simply getting another player.

The Raptors have effectively ended the Knicks chances at acquiring Nash as they were going to use Fields in a sign-and-trade offer to the Phoenix Suns.  Now, if the Knicks can’t match the Raptors’ offer- which they’ll have three days to do- they’ll have no shot at Nash.

Last season, Fields averaged 8.8 points and 4.2 rebounds per game last year with the New York Knicks. Fields is a defensive specialist, known as a great off-the-ball defender, and should thrive under Dwayne’s Casey’s fast half-court system.