Beyond The Defenders: 10 Characters We Want To See In Future Marvel/Netflix Series

10) Tombstone

We’ve tried to be realistic with this list and only chose characters that a) would be at home in the Marvel/Netflix universe and b) the studio actually has the rights to. Tombstone, though, is a special case. Due to the complexities of Marvel’s deal with Sony, we’re not sure if the Spider-Man supervillain is up for grabs, but we sure hope he is, as he’d make for a fantastic enemy for Mr. Luke Cage.

After season 1’s Diamondback disappointed, season 2 needs a foe with a real bite. Enter Tombstone – a man who’s sharpened his teeth like a vampire. On the page, Tombstone is one of Marvel’s most ghoulish-looking villains. African-American albino Lonnie Lincoln was often bullied for his appearance – so he decided to enhance the severity of his look and turn himself into one of the most powerful crime bosses in New York.

After Wilson Fisk, Cottonmouth and the rest, we know how much The Defenders-verse loves its crime bosses. Tombstone would be a perfect fit, then, with the added advantage of having a unique look, too.

9) Ghost Rider

Yes, Ghost Rider is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, courtesy of Gabriel Luna’s turn as Robbie Reyes in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4. But, let’s be honest, the Spirit of Vengeance is much better suited to the Netflix side of the MCU than ABC’s more family-friendly corner, right?

The great thing about Ghost Rider is that he’s a legacy character, so a Netflix show could feature whichever version they wanted. If Luna is only contracted for ABC appearances, then no problem – just base a show around the most famous GR, Johnny Blaze. Fans are always campaigning for another version of the character, too, after those hellish movies starring Nicholas Cage.

In short, Ghost Rider is just too compelling an individual to remain as a bit-part character in AoS. With The Defenders pushing the mystical side of things to the fore more than ever, it would make a lot of sense for the franchise to go full-on supernatural in the future.