10 Comic Book Characters You Never Knew Were In The Arrowverse


Over four seasons of Arrow, two of The Flash and one of Legends of Tomorrow (plus retroactively related show Constantine), The CW’s DC universe – known by fans as the Arrowverse – has translated quite a few classic comic book characters to the screen. There will only be more to come in the future, as well, as Legends‘ season one finale teased the arrival of the Justice Society of America.

However, there are several other DC characters that exist in this world who have only been hinted at, in the likes of background easter eggs or seemingly throwaway lines. Most likely these are just nods to the fans rather than actually acting as a set-up for a proper introduction down the line, but hey, you never know.

So, on that note, here are 10 comic book characters that you probably never realized existed in the Arrowverse.